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includes one hour of video of reed making tutorials and descriptive blog posts, diagrams, and pictures to help you learn how to make your own oboe reeds!


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Oboe Reed Making Lessons

"The pitch is very stable throughout all the registers and the response is great. I am enjoying practicing so much with Tim's reeds because they produce a beautiful, dark tone like I'm used to."
-Leigh, South Carolina

"Just writing to let you know I adore your reeds."
-Timothy, Illinois​

"Thank you so much for spending all that time on my reeds.  They are fantastic and I'm very pleased with your product ... I'm a reed perfectionist, so it is VERY difficult to please me.  You have done so!"
-Daniel, Virginia

Andre Previn's  Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano

​Performed live at the Oneppo Chamber Music Series 

"Your reeds are great. I received several compliments after our last performance. The reed played smoothly, in tune, and had a wonderful tone quality."
-John, New Jersey

I love your reeds!

-Blair Tindall, author of Mozart in the Jungle

​I do believe it was due to your reeds that I had the best concert I have ever had."

-John, Alberta

Recently, Tim received New England Conservatory's Entrepreneurial Musicianship Alumni Award, a grant that he will use to help expand his reed making website,, to include online guest lessons from other professional oboists about their own reed making.

This one of a kind website allows anyone to learn how to make their own reeds with one hour of instructional videos and over 30 descriptive blog posts with supplementary pictures and diagrams. Check it out these free articles you are struggling with your own reed making! is Tim's reed making business that has sold over 2500 oboe and English horn reeds online and through Midwest Musical Imports. Customers include professional, student, and amateur oboists throughout the United States and several countries abroad.

Here are just a few testimonials...

Oboist Tim Feil has a multifaceted career that includes performance, research, music education, various arts administration duties, and reed making. Currently, he frequently performs chamber and orchestral music, sells oboe and english horn reeds online, and works at the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments.


 Performance highlights from this past season included concerts with the Orchestra of St. Luke's at Zankel Hall, the New York Chamber Soloists at Rockefeller University, and a performance of W.A. Mozart's Oboe Concerto with the New Haven Chamber Orchestra. Visit the performance page to hear more recordings from live concerts and the reeds and teaching page to learn more about taking lessons.

Reed Scraping Video ​— a complete demonstration of how to scrape a blank into a working reed.

4 Strategies to Avoid Loose Sides — loose sides will hurt your pitch and response; learn how to avoid it!

Using Dial Indicators — strategies for using a dial indicator to help you make better reeds more consistently.

Complete List of Blog Posts — a list of all the free and pay-per-view blog posts and videos.